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About Us

Meet our mission driven team

Our team at Be Human(e) harnesses over 15 years of experience in education, 30 years in innovative software development, and 5 years in advanced AI and VR technologies. This diverse expertise positions us at the forefront of digital-age innovation and impact, dedicated to redefining technology's role in youth mental health.

Meet The Team

Our mentors

We've gathered an advisory board of experts in the fields of child psychology, mental health, emotional intelligence, AI safety and regulation, entrepreneurship and business. 

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Founding Story

Through her experience as a school social worker, Sara witnessed recurring challenges faced by youth, which inspired her to explore prevention solutions in the field of social and emotional learning

During her studies, she was building a social gamification platform for GenZ when she began to make a connection between her observations in the field and a broader trend: the negative impact of technology use on youth socio-emotional development.

Inspired by this, Sara dove deep into research and developed the “Emotionally Intelligent Technology Usage” framework, which now serves as the foundation for Be Human(e).

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