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Are you a parent and worrying about your child's mental health?

We can help you!

Meet RHEA: Your Ally in Family Mental Health & Connection

RHEA elevates your parenting journey with research-backed strategies designed to enhance your child's well-being and deepen family connections.

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Improving family relationships

We know, it's not easy...

Parenting in the digital age can be tough.


At Be Humane, we're not just experts in research, but we're also parents who've walked in your shoes. Our team includes researchers, social workers, child psychologists, and experienced parents.


We're here to offer you personalized strategies based on a decade of research, combined with our personal experiences, to help you nurture your child's growth and well-being with confidence and empathy.


Expert-Driven Guidance for Digital Age Parenting

Imagine a Fitbit for the mind and soul.

RHEA goes beyond tracking and interacting; it's about understanding and growing. 


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 RHEA for Parents: Unlock personalized expert and receive actionable insights and resources to help you navigate the complexities of modern parenting.

🌟 RHEA 2.0 for Teens: have a trusted companion that supports their journey toward becoming healthy individuals.


Why Choose Us?

Expert Advice in Your Pocket: R.H.E.A. guides you to stronger family connectins & happier children


Strengthen Family Connections

Grow closer every day. Our platform turns every chat with your child into a step closer to each other.

It's about transforming the 'How was your day?' into real bonding time. Simple, meaningful, and designed for busy families like yours.


Expert-Informed Guidance, 24/7

Take preventative measures. Help your child express their feelings and grow stronger inside.

Our platform equips you with skills and tools that help the understanding your teenager(s) easier —so their emotions can be addressed in a timely manner.


Personalized Insights and Growth Patterns

Our daily check-ins act as a reflective mirror for you, offering you a moment of introspection to assess feelings and challenges faced throughout the day.

This engagement fosters a habit of mindfulness and self-awareness, essential components for personal growth.

Supporting Organizations

Expert partnerships and collaborations

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Feedback from youth

At BeHuman(e), we are dedicated to include young people as vital collaborators in recognizing challenges and shaping solutions

"I’ve already told my parents and friends about this because I think that is exactly what the younger generations needs.”

Jane, 16

"I like this approach since we don’t talk enough about this in school, it’s just taken for granted."

Ivan, 17

"I would recommend this because it helps us to acquire communication skills, and to get to know ourselves better to use our potentials."

Micha, 15


Jane D. Hull

In the end, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.

Get ready to strengthen your connection with your kids through Be Human(e).

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Thanks for making a step towards your child's wellbeing!

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