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Navigate Digital Age Parenting
with Confidence

Meet R.H.E.A.
Your Family's Trustworthy
AI Companion

Ask anything, anytime,
without fear of judgment


by sharing your parenting concerns without being judged


by 24/7 access to expert-driven parenting techniques


connections by fostering more understanding

Be the parent you want to be.

R.H.E.A. equips you with just-in-time expert advice for confident communication and proactive well-being strategies, ensuring healthier, more resilient family dynamics.

"The rate at which technology is evolving is just too fast for parents to keep up without help. It's overwhelming to even know where to start."

- Janne, mom of 2 teens

Why Choose R.H.E.A.?

Expert advice in your pocket so you will always know what's the next best thing to do

A safe space for venting

You can be as vulnerable as you want. Ask those questions that you are not comfortable sharing with others


It starts with understanding

Understand your child’s development milestones for better communication

Easy and Affordable

Save money and time to get personalized advice for a fraction of the price of a family therapist


Our Experts

At Be Humane, we're not just research experts, but we're also parents who've walked in your shoes. Our team includes researchers, social workers, child psychologists, and parents.

We have over 30 years of experience in child development, family dynamics, social and emotional intelligence, and digital wellbeing.

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Gianna Grandinetti

MSW, LSW soon to become a Clinical Social Worker


Zorana Ivcevic, PhD

Senior Researcher at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence


Annie Margaret 

Ass. Professor at University of Colorado Boulder in Psychotechnology


Natalie Eggum, PhD

Developmental Psychology, Ass. Prof. in Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University

CEO_Sara Filipcic copy_edited.jpg

Sara Filipcic

MSW and Researcher in Emotionally Intelligent usage of Technology


Mike Grandinetti

Prof. Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management, and Marketing at Harvard, Yale, Brown Universities

Supporting Organizations

Expert partnerships and collaborations

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What Parents say about R.H.E.A.

We have been building R.H.E.A in partnership with parents

I know I have potentially succeeded as a parent when:

1) I can have difficult conversations with my kids about their habits and actions
2) giving freedom to them to let them grow,
3) build resilience in them, and

4) observe them distinguishing wrong from right.

Thanks to R.H.E.A I am getting better at this 🙌

Mother of an 11 and a 13 year old

Did you know?


on average is invested per family in the US to support their child's emotional and psychological well-being


of parents find themselves stepping away from work obligations to care for their children's mental health concerns

2 out of 3

parents in the U.S. say parenting is harder today than it was 20 years ago, with many citing technologies, as a reason


of American teenagers have encountered cyberbullying or online harassment, signaling a growing need for protective measures in digital spaces

In the end, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.

Jane D. Hull

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